Patent and Trademark searching services in Mexican Patent and Trademark’s databases are rendered with a professional team. Information on searching can be found here.


A search will save time and money by finding similar ideas or trademarks which have already been registered. Patents will not be granted for old ideas so it is advisable to have a preliminary search conducted before investing in a patent application. A search will help you decide which aspects of your invention or design are new and therefore what breadth of protection you could obtain. Patent searches are not comprehensive since, by law, pending patent applications remain secret until they are published eighteen months after the filing date or the priority date. For trademarks a search will show if anyone else has registered that or a similar trademark. Novopatent I.S.S.C. can carry out a trademark search in the Mexican PTO’s database. By using this capability we can provide you with a comprehensive and up to date report on the novelty of your proposed trademark.