Industrial Designs

Registration of Industrial Design (both industrial models and industrial drawings), including the preparation, filing and prosecution of Industrial Design in Mexico and all over the world through our wide network of associates. The process of registering an Industrial Design in Mexico can be found here.


An Industrial Model will be understood to be any three dimensional form which serves as type or mold for the manufacturing of an industrial product and which gives it a special appearance, so long as it does not imply technical effects. For example, a new shape for a bottle or a chair can be registered as a Model. The protection given by a registered model is based on the visual appearance of the article and therefore this form or protection is useful where the article itself is not new but the shape is new indeed.

An Industrial Drawing will be understood to be any combination of figures, lines or colors which are incorporated into an industrial product for purpose of ornamentation and which gives it a peculiar and unique aspect. As with patents, it is important not to show your new design to other people before you have applied for a Design Registration